Welcome to the NEW Healthy Lemon

A big part of bringing in the New Year is change, so we have decided to make some updates to the lovely Healthy Lemon. We are adding a new blogger, new categories, and an entirely new layout. We hope these changes will make the Healthy Lemon easier for you to read, review, and love. First, let us (re)introduce ourselves.

healthy lemon 2014

Riley: Hello! So this blog has been an awesome outlet to put some sweet ideas about health into writing. In the new year we hope to take it to another level and give this bad boy a little sense of direction. Rachael is one of my very best friends in the world and together we have decided that it would be twice the fun if we both worked on this blog together. Why you ask? Because she is equally passionate about everything and most especially the recipes. As a girl who is very open about her lack of cooking skills I am so thankful for gals like Rachael in my life!

I am absolutely crazy about anything fitness. Everyone always says that they have a favorite workout or type of class, but I can truly say that my favorite thing about fitness is having the opportunity to constantly change it up. There is too much out there to pick just one thing anyways :] I am certified in yoga, which I guess you could say is where it all started.

My main goal for the blog is to add a little more health to the page. Not only sharing advice and info, but stories and experiences that can help identify ways to try and better live a life of health since, let’s be honest, it’s no easy job. We hope you love what you see here!

Rachael: As a senior at the University of Cincinnati, I am about to embark on a crazy journey into the “real world”. My fitness obsession is yoga! I am so thankful I have found a workout that I am excited and enthusiastic about. When I’m not  sweating my butt of in a hot yoga studio, I love doing barre and pilates workouts. Rachael

One of the new additions to the Healthy Lemon is going to be giving you all some delicious recipes. As a vegan I have to make a lot of my own food, which means I’m packed full with fun, easy, and of course tasty recipes. I love sweets, so expect some yummy dessert recipes to be coming your way!

I am so excited to begin sharing advice, recommendations, recipes, workouts, photos, and so much more with our readers. Living a healthy lifestyle hasn’t come naturally to me. I never enjoyed going on hour long runs or eating spinach salads without dressing. My goal as a writer is to give you options. I have been in the shoes of the person who hates working out and eating well, and I am here to say it doesn’t have to be dreadful; you just have to figure out what you enjoy.

Combining our 21 years of friendship, here’s to an amazing New Year filled with health, life, and lemons.

❤ R&R


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