Luscious locks, skin, and joints {all in one}

One of the many crisis that a 20 something female probably experiences at some point during these turbulent times is the obsession over hair. More specifically the thinning of one’s hair. It has been my latest personal health campaign. For some reason this quarter life has brought on a lot of stress and I am sure that my poor hair has suffered the consequences. What is even more insane is that multiple other friends have expressed the same concerns. Some have even turned to professional consultations, to which they were given the unhelpful response of “it’s just because you’re stressed.”

Awesome thanks for pointing out the obvious keep up the great work doc, but how are you supposed to go about not being bald against your will?

So I went on a mission naturally. I read into a lot of nutritional options and even tried a few new concoctions such as that one greek yogurt, eggs, and cinnamon regimen. Long story short, my hair still feels slimy from that one. They showed some sign of working, but I wasn’t fully convinced. It wasn’t until my mom presented me with one of the most generous Christmas gifts that I could ask for, which I like to dramatically present as ever lasting life serum. Yes is has a name, BioSil.

See bottle and example of the hair of interest below :]


BioSil can be found at most holistic grocery stores, and multiple places online such as here, here, & here.

And more legitimate nutritional info can be found here.

It basically is a more easily absorbed form of silica, a mineral that most people lack, and of course one that plays a huge role in the production of collagen. And for those who are unsure COLLAGEN=YOUTH. That’s right you heard your inner supermodel correctly, the more collagen the healthier your hair, the bouncier your skin, and the stronger your joints. It is a no brainier!

I take 5 drops twice a day for the all over effects, but you can also change the dosage depending on what you are more focused towards, obviously the focus here is my balding head so a prescription strength 10 drops is just perfect. After a little under a month and half way through my first bottle I plan to give it a little more time to kick in obviously, but I have noticed subtle improvements. I have noticed tiny little hairs all around my hairline, and my hair has grown much faster after a recent hair cut. Along with a few other vitamins my hair absolutely feels stronger and healthier. Yay!!

Having a hair crisis? If so BioSil is seriously worth looking into. Hoping to continue use and see more amazing results in the coming months :]



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