Why You Should Stop Contouring

If you have logged onto Pinterest in the past 365 days you have seen the epidemic. The life changing before and after pictures, the products, the step by step tutorials of how to contour your face. For those who may be a little hazy on the concept it is when you utilize varying degrees of foundation, powder, modg-podg, plaster of paris whatever you can find really, to shape your face and create angular definition so you too can look like all of the beautiful people you see in Hollywood. The harsh reality of the situation is that contouring actually refers to an agricultural term that defines the movement and definition of soil which will either have a positive or negative impact on the ecosystem. Picturing a fuming dump truck rummaging through farm land sounds a little less glamorous doesn’t it?

If you search why you shouldn’t contour your face on Google 10 pages of “make your face look thinner” “get the perfect face” “make your face less fat” and “how to hide your nose” fill the results page. I immediately think of all of the attempted contoured faces I have seen around lately and how sometimes I really do think their nose has managed to blend into the face. No one should be walking around nose-less thinking it’s the new kewl  thannngg.

Which is why we suggest you should stop contouring your face.

There are multiple reasons why your obsession with learning how to contour with the best of them is not helping your situation.

  • It becomes tricky to identify who you are. Step by step pictures like the one below are more reminiscent of an avatar than Mila Kunis

contouring collage

  • Most make-up can lead to acne, bacterial infections, or general skin discoloration. You may be wondering why you skin is all blotchy and crusty looking, it is most likely because you combined 10 types of concealer when you contoured the other day.
  • A little makeup covers blemishes, a pound of it suffocates them. If you are dealing with any kind of blemish adding more to the mix isn’t going to help the situation.
  • Consider your confidence. If I looked like Scarlet Johansson by day and my make-up stained puffy face real self by night I’d have to install a dimmer switch to spare the ego.
  • Make-up has chemicals and chemicals are gross, you’re already gorgeous stop worrying about it.
  • You multiply your daily routine x1000. If your make-up regimen requires 12 brushes, a 20 minute how to video, and an entire Pinterest board to accomplish, you are doing it wrong

Hopefully by now you have stepped away from blending and smearing bronzer in places bronzer should never go. Make-up obviously will always be part of the routine, but after being swept up by the contouring craze it is obvious that we need to reassess. To more positively impact your beauty routine consider these products below. If contouring isn’t for you an amazing new direction to take your regimen is to focus on using products that make your skin healthy, strong, and smooth the right way. Maintain your natural beauty as opposed to covering it up! There are so many other things to learn about when it comes to the beauty routine than how to use your face like a coloring book.

Click the products below to learn more :] (the Mario Badescu product is one of the best ever!)






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