Why Every Weekend Should Be A Getaway

From one work addicted over stressed human being to another I am here to say that you should make your weekends a getaway whenever the opportunity presents itself. Seriously just do it. I have spent the past 4 years working as much as humanly possible out of the general fears that plague anyone who is continuously broke and relentlessly type A. If you fit this profile in any way you will have already talked yourself out of this  prospect. So resist, stop, don’t pick up the shift and take a getaway.

Who doesn’t like the sound of a getaway? That’s right no one, but then you start to get all realistic. I always shy away from doing something that actually takes effort on the weekends because then I go back to work Monday feeling exhausted and like an sad for not taking the time to relax and do nothing when it was actually available. It’s Monday so basically you won’t get another weekend until next year right? Everyone needs those weekends where the only interaction you have is with your DVD player and some Kroger sushi, but when the grocery store sushi bar and random Eva Mendez movies become all you did with your work-less days, it’s time for a getaway.

So I took one. It lasted about 36 hours and 12 of them were spent driving. We (Rachael and Mom) made a little weekend excursion to St. Louis and back, but it basically could have been a 7 day tour of the entire state of Missouri. I’m talking productivity in the best way IE eating out for every thing we saw, power shopping at maximum speeds, and hitting as many stops as possible from the bizarre gas stations, the hole in the wall taco place, to the basilica where we randomly learned anything you could ever want to learn about St. Vincent De Paul.

stl collage

Sure we all spent the first few days of the week getting back into the swing of things, but it was a much needed change of pace from the classic laundry/grocery Sundays.

Getaways are better because:

  • Your time spent “not working” is actually you “reverting to slug status”
  • You will probably be working for the next 50 years of life (gulp). Your weekend trip> than any day at work ever will be.
  • Car trips are the best learning experiences. If you have ever been in the car for more than 2 hours then you know what this is all about.
  • A conversation with the roommate is one thing, a conversation after 4 hours of staring at corn fields is where things get interesting.
  • No night out at your typical happy hour pre-game beats the potential of an unconquered oyster bar in a state that is no where near an ocean.

oyster bar

  • Staying in town on the weekends gives those people you just saw all week long the chance to find you #introvert.
  • Stare at dirty dishes, unfolded laundry, and avoid your to-do list, or go explore somewhere new? Exploring.

Hoping you have a better weekend than the rest!



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