For Your Training Spirits-An Interview

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As many of us continue to pursue resolutions, conquer goals, and develop plans for future wellness, it can get easy to lose sight of the ultimate plan which is simply trying to stick with it. Whatever it may be in your life, a little motivational perspective can go a long way. Which is why the opportunity to sit down with renowned Tier 2 training facility was exactly what your inner fitness animal ordered.

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I had the opportunity to discuss everything from the best training mentalities to cheat days with Tier 2’s Joe Hook, director of performance strategies. Lucky for all of us Joe had an opinion on basically everything, and for good reason!  Joe has the reputation to back it up with experiences that include working with NFL, MLB, Olympic and Tactical athletes at Athletes Performance Institute, as well as consulting for various tactical, professional, and amateur athletes.

A little bit about the Tier 2 facility first to really get the big picture, as if you weren’t interested enough already! Tier 2 covers it all when it comes to health and fitness. With a very focused mentality on preparing for anything and everything life can possibly inflict, the program takes the intensity of Crossfit marries it with the balance of yoga and leaves you with a holistic power house of a resource.  Upon first entering Tier 2 you have the opportunity for your trainers to take both your biological and psychological wellness into account as you begin your fitness journey.

joe Joe’s perspective sheds some light on the most important topics that anyone attempting a routine of fitness or integrating lifestyle health would want to know. Agree or disagree, when it comes to your health the more you can learn the better off you will be, and the less chance you have of making a fool of yourself next time in the weight room. Read on to find out more!

What does it take to come back from injury in a way that leaves you stronger and not back at the PT office a month later?

Like most of what we focus on at Tier 2 you should take a holistic approach, especially in areas of weakness. By understanding your core values and ultimate goals the individual can build from the injury instead of letting it become a hindrance. A huge thing that most people overlook is the root cause of the traumatic event that led to the injury.  If you look upstream you will generally find more than what meets the eye, whether it is a form or functionality issue, recovery is about really getting in touch with your body.

Can you explain some of the biggest pitfalls you see with those trying to achieve more in terms of their fitness?

We most commonly see people thinking they can do it all without a coach, or some form of basic instruction. And no this is not a plug just because I am a coach. If you go in thinking you already have it all under control you are limiting yourself and denying broadening that skill base which is ultimately what helps you achieve more. Working out the right way is pivotal towards preventing injury and getting to the place you wish to be. The other way in which people fall back in their goals is by setting limits. If you don’t think you can do it, you absolutely will never be able to do it.

Your best advice in terms of the complicated world that is strength training?

There is no such thing as bad exercises for bad strength training, just bad form.

A huge issue fitness people have is feeling like they aren’t getting the results they spend hours in the gym working towards. How can we look like the people we are envisioning?

The classic answer that no one wants to hear…you have to have your diet in order.  If I hear that someone is spending two hours at the gym daily and still doesn’t have the look they are going for, the first place I am going to look is their nutrition. You need to have consistency in all aspects of your health. Over training and under eating is either going to leave you sick, injured,  or just straight miserable. To reach your goals you need to find a balance that works for you; balance which comes from looking at all the variables.

Best advice for anyone walking into a gym right now?

Always have focus on what matters most. What are you judging? Form? Reps? Weight? Speed? Pick something functional to gain from every single workout.

The dynamics of a functionally fit lifestyle are an ongoing process that can shape, guide, and motivate you in all aspects from career to gym routine. If you are feeling a little weary of the fact that you have been doing 100 push-ups every day for the past 6 months it is time to reassess and like Joe said figure out what matters most to you.



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