You Are Not Fruit

If I hear one more person tell me that my body resembles something from a Hanes commercial I am going dress up in an apple suit and see how recognizable I am then.

But seriously your body and its shape are not fruit like. You do not get mushy and brown if left at room temperature, mold won’t grow on you if you sit for too long, and chomping into a ripe juicy…human arm…on a hot day is something from a nightmare.

The idea of complimenting body shape, and how to dress in a way that is flattering has been a crucial idea for women I know, but the ‘what shape are you?’ obsession is a headache waiting to happen. Some days feel a little rounder than others, but really apple shaped?

There is a lot to be said for being mindful of your body type when it comes to lifestyle choices from things like diet to wardrobe. It is so true that when you look good you feel good. But the reality of the situation is that no one is going to feel like they look good if they supposedly look like a banana.

I would always wonder what my fruit equivalent was because it seemed like everyone else was jumping in the fruit bowl. Then I realized that my fruit shaped body was closest to that of the dreaded pear and life spiraled downward from there. IE. pants simply wouldn’t fit ever, high waisted things would make me look like a bowling pin, and Seventeen said I should stick with one piece swimwear.

Rachael and her pear shaped friend

Rachael and her pear shaped friend

When you assign yourself a fruit type the thoughts go from wow I love that dress to wow that thing would make me look like a beached whale. Anything you find on body shapes are filled with things you should absolutely not do because you were born with no hips, or hips that are too big. After reading enough of these articles I have basically come to the conclusion that no one should be wearing pajamas ever (not happening), and that your body has a one month window of prime ripeness on a yearly basis (not cool).

In conclusion being fruit shaped is absurd// for-get-about-it ❤



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