Good Morning

I have been trying to really buckle down; healthy meals, daily workouts, vitamins, drinking lots of water, getting the right amount of sleep, etc. As you may, or may not know, healthy living isn’t something that comes naturally to me. However, the combination of semi-recently going vegan, some deictic and life health realizations, and swim suit season being just around the corner, have really been inspiring me to kick it into gear. One goal: start my mornings the right way. I’m sure you have read all sorts of things on how you should be beginning your days, but I’m going to share with you what I have been doing and why it has been making me feel amazing.

Good Morning


  1. Start the night before: I go to bed early, not 8 p.m. early, but around 10 or so. This makes it so easy to get a full 8 hours, sometimes even more if I’m lucky. Plus, going to bed early also makes it so much easier to wake up early, duh.
  2. Wake up early: I bet you didn’t see this one coming did you? Waking up early is great because you’ll simply have more time in the day. If you wake up, get your workout over with, finish some studying, or send a few pesky e-mails, then you will have more time in your day to do what really matters.
  3. Set intention and positivity: Before you throw on your gym clothes, open your laptop, or scan through social media, set a goal for the day. This goal can be specific like, tackling everything on your to-do list, calling an old friend, not eating fast food, you name it. The intention set can also be more of an attitude; I will be happy today, I will not let frustrations at work bring me down, I will not stress, once again this goal is completely up to you. Setting daily intentions will allow you to focus on the good, stay determined, and not let daily annoyances get to you.
  4. AM Workouts rock: Morning workouts are great for so many reasons. They give you energy throughout the day, keep you motivated to be healthy, and open up your after work hours for other actives like happy hour with coworkers, date night, grocery store run, sitting your butt catching up on your fav TV shows, or even another workout! My favorite AM workout: yoga, of course!
  5. Eat a fresh and healthy breakfast: It has been proven that if you eat a “bad” (unhealthy) breakfast, that you are more likely to continue this eating habit throughout the day. Breakfast smoothies have been my go-to. I fill a blender up with fresh fruit, toss in some flax and chia seeds, pour in just a tad of agave nectar, and add a splash of unsweetened almond milk or a little orange juice (protein powder of your choice is also a great addition to any smoothie). P.S.- Do your breakfast dishes. You’ll feel great coming home from a long days work to a clean, clutter free kitchen.
  6. Pack a lunch: While you’re already in the kitchen, pack your lunch. (This is something that can be done the night before also.) Packing your own lunch will ensure you eat healthy and it will save you money! Think about it, even only eating lunch out 3 days a week is probably costing you about $30 per week, depending on where you eat. Pack a snack while you’re at it too (I like fruit or nuts). Snacks help reduce cravings, speed up your metabolism, and keep you energized.
  7. Pick out clothes the night before: I know, this is something your mom probably nagged at you about in middle school, but it works! When I choose my work clothes the night before, I don’t waste time in the morning deciding what to wear, trying to find things, ironing, or picking out matching jewelry. Planning what to wear in advance will even allow you to settle potential complications, like if you need to paint your nails, or how you’re going to wear your hair (I have long, extremely thick hair, so hairstyles seem to be a constant concern).

Now, you are all set for the day! You will feel great because you’ll have a positive attitude, a workout completed, a belly full of healthy and delicious food, and a stress free outfit on. Have a happy day!



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