That Awkward Moment When…Carrot Cake

It is the constant uphill battle…trying to explain to someone why carrot cake is actually better than lame cookies on any given day. I know topics don’t get much more intellectually stimulating than the great debate over the best types of processed sugars mixed with butter. But add in grated vegetables and things really start to get edgy.

It all started back during the single digit birthday years when I was ecstatic to share my favorite carrot cake with all of the attendees. Our little first grade selves swarmed the cake like it was the only thing we had eaten all week. As the others devoured it quickly became apparent that this was not your average cake, resulting in multiple people deny the first bite entirely. That’s right I watched people physically regurgitate my birthday cake.

As I watched in utter confusion as to why no one was loving this bomb cake with me, I saw multiple traitors opt for a cupcake instead. The birthday ended with almost an entire carrot cake remaining and me crying because I lost whatever board game we played…so perpetually embarrassing.

To this day multiple friends who attended recall, with utter disgust I might add (cough Rachael), the fact that a carrot cake could possibly be preferable to the weird neon colored shelf life of 10 years Kroger cake.

Despite the series of traumatic events that one probably encounters from loving the orange vegetable cake, somehow the combination of carrots in desert form works.

So basically sticking it to the man the other day with this latest batch of carrot cake cupcakes from foodiefamily and even going so far as to post the recipe here in case any haterz want to take another go at carroty deserts.


PS. I try to make everything bake-able into cupcakes to avoid the eternally doubt inducing “wait did that toothpick look clean to you?” cake test. The baking struggle is real.



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