This is a timeless post done by many a female who have nearly launched themselves off a treadmill at the expense of an intensely awkward pick up attempt from a gym prowler in a classic gymnteraction.


So when is it okay to test your game face at the gym? Never. The end.

Especially when you decide to waltz in during the final sprint, or the last set. How about a high five at the water fountain or something?

The thing is that they just never ever go well…ever. One prowler even expressed “you girls are so angry during your fitness”…no just angry about you prowling sir. It’s safe to say the subject of your prowling would be equally annoyed if she was baking a cake, gal’s gotta focus.

Are you dying to shake a sweat soaked hand that is flailing around on a treadmill? Nothing screams romance more than a public sweat exchange…it would both smell and feel like holding a fish with your bare hands.

It would be one thing if there was some sort of initial connection that was welcomed by both parties. 9.9 times out of 10 there isn’t. Even the prowler usually realizes the extent of the weirdness that is happening because the conversation never ends well.

“high okay… your pants…bye.”

QUIZ Are You a Prowler?

Have you ever?

  • approached a stranger in hopes of further interaction that is non gym related?
  • excessively followed a stranger aimlessly and without reservation through the gym?
  • resorted to strictly eye stalking as opposed to verbal dialogue?
  • spontaneously changed and or cancelled your workout plans so as to gain closer proximity to said stranger?
  • excessively flexed in any given mirror so as to gain stranger’s attention?
  • smiled intensely, while meat-head breathing, while “slinging weights”  in stranger’s direction?

If any of these were near a yes, then on some level you may have prowler tendencies.

So when the opportunity seems to present itself and something inside says “Go for it! That stranger over there breathing like a Rhino must be dying to set up a date.” don’t listen to it.

❤ RV


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