Time Spent Doing vs. Everything Else


As Beyonce says “I do what I want.”

Which is usually easier said than done. Especially if you have 1405867 things going on simultaneously.

It can feel like you are doing what you actually want to be doing about as often as Halley’s Comet can be seen which for me is never since it was cloudy the last time that thing was supposed to happen.

As work and life tend to sideline any sense of fulfillment from the things that actually matter, those aspirations morph into 5 year plans and far off dreams before even realizing it. Setting priorities and actually making things happen can get tricky.

I was thinking about this the other day when a group of us were all out for dinner and someone called cheat day dessert. Which meant we were all so crazy as to order dessert The fact that the event of ordering dessert just became an calendar worthy agenda is bothersome enough. It ended up being this gorgeous display of a brownie covered in yummy fruit, no splitting, everyone got their own.

This was followed by 5 minutes of everyone oohing and ahhing at the fruit. “omg look at those raspberries! I’m obsessed with strawberries right now…” you get the picture. While I really am always amazed at how cute raspberries look, not a single one of us dared to adore the gooey molten chocolate brownie that steamed fresh from the oven before us.

There you have it, exhibit A. Time spent doing vs. everything else. The only reason why that pile of fruit was even remotely exciting was the fact that there was a brownie underneath and we all knew it.

The thing is that no one actually gets more excited about fruit than a brownie. The fruit is just a minor obstacle to overcome in getting to the chocolate conquest. No one actually enjoys settling for unfulfilling work, or agonizing over a project until you have everyone’s approval, but somehow the majority of the time spent ends up being on unproductive means to the end. Days are way too short to be spent unfulfilled, and getting everyone’s approval hardly ever happens.

 So just eat the brownie already.



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