My First Time


My first time lasted all of 30 seconds. Eyes closed, focusing hard, breathing gently is all I was thinking about. The room felt so still yet terrifyingly calm at the same time. After 30 seconds my mind wavered to how many hours I worked that week and the magic was lost.

There it is the pathetic tale of my first time…meditating.

This time of the year somehow makes everything absurdly hectic. Like eating dinner is not an option. Like a shower is an absolute burden.

A few people had recommended meditating….to which I was like no way in this planner is sitting alone eyes closed breathing heavily making it on this to-do list. Sorry no room.

Like all new things they sound like a weird idea to start. Then I thought about people I know who make a commitment to practice meditation on a daily basis and you know what…they live life like they practice meditation on a daily basis!! Who would have thought!

There is a balance about them. They have this sense of calm and clarity in all things they do. When a person who meditates makes a decision they feel strongly about it. The rest of us? Probably spend the rest of the week doubting and mind changing our lives away.

So I thought about trying it. Making a commitment was way too huge of a step obviously.

As simple as it all sounds it’s not something to just be jumping into. Compared to anything else you do meditation is basically the complete opposite.

Everyone runs around all day long and exerts all of this energy towards things that seem meaningful, so finding meaning in doing nothing but clearing your mind seems straight up ridiculous.

And that’s how it felt. After thirty seconds of serious trying I knew it was a lost cause. Thoughts of homework, omg did I lock the car door, and unfinished things took over, quiet time was not working.

So long story short, meditation should be a professional sport. I plan to be a mind master in 2014, or at least make it matter longer than a minute.

Thinking of trying it too? Start small and start early. The morning is always the most peaceful. Find a place that will be safe and calm. I spent my first 30 seconds terrified that someone would barge in.

Hoping you find a little calm this week!

❤ RV


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