Sidewalk Sadness

It has been a long time since a post I know but it actually hasn’t because they are all on the other site I write for which can be found here!

This is also going to be a little random…

All last week I was walking the block to my car and was appalled at what I was seeing. It was like everyone dog and their owner had lost control of their lives and decided that it is now okay to simply squat it out (in a bad way) right in the middle of the sidewalk.

I understand the urban living of and surprise dog remains are one in the same; a good grassy spot isn’t always easy to find. But it looked like 40 dogs did a conga line down the street after a 5 day Blue Buffalo binge…sorry, but it had to get graphic at some point.

Why Clifton why?


 this adorable guilty looking thing

I was not only carrying laundry, groceries and a purse that contains my entire life, but I was dodging some foreign slobbery creature’s remains. A creature that I even think I would like to have from time to time, def not today.

The worst was right outside our building entrance. Like the first floor just dangled the dog out the window and hoped for the best. How can I see someone walking their dog around the block during the apocalyptic like conditions, in a poncho, and umbrella yet our building residents seem to let em let loose 2 feet from the front door. So I resorted to a new low, I scooped foreign dog nastiness. There was no shovel so it got even more pathetic when I found an old dustpan that was set out for garbage day and flung the goods to the nearest green.

As I sat in shame days later still dying over what happened and the new lows that were encountered, who even knows where that dustpan had been, when universe literally reached out and gave me a hug.

Turns out Spain (article here) is having my same issue and has even resorted to hiring a paid detective to snoop out these shitty (pun intended) owners who can’t handle their creature. The detective has the right to fine these perpetrators up to $300 which when I think about my level of laziness when the weather is bad sounds harsh, but still you can get paid to call these non-pooper scoopers out and claim detective status on the resume…win!

I feel obligated to link this back to health and wellness so moral of the story is…community wellness is a real thing and from Spain to Clifton, it’s sucking right now. If everyone is walking around the block resentful of other dogs letting loose at random no one is feeling all that healthy or happy.



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