Meet: St. Louis MO

To continue with the series of travel adventure posts, I present to you… St. Louis Missouri.

Missourians have had a rough couple of months in the media in what seems like continual bad news. But hey, as Carl Lewis would say “Any press is good press. So keep raggin’ on me.”

Luckily, no raggin’ here. I thought with all of the recent negativity associated with this Midwestern paradise, the great state of Missouri could use a positive write-up. Even if it is only from random old me about my long weekend adventure.

I had been to STL a few times before this most recent trip and to be perfectly honest I was underwhelmed. Like visiting Coney Island beyond the age of 9 underwhelmed.  There never seemed to be much around. We stayed right on St. Louis campus where the Downtown was more like Ghosttown, and on a Friday night no less!

The arch was impressive but again, not much else around to admire unless gloomy looking factory plants are your fave attraction. What made this trip different was the exploring that we finally managed, through all of the hidden neighborhoods. It totally opened my eyes to this fun easy city to explore.

First there was Castle Rock. This is where everyone who you would imagine being downtown actually hangs out on the weekends. The area is so big that the crowds disappear once you are deep into a hike.

Aside from nearly breaking my ankle in a moment of graceless fumbling (story of my life) it was the perfect hike. Clearly the view was worth it!



Pictured below is a Swan Princess like scene. When in doubt (in STL) go to Forest Park. Whatever season you may find yourself in, it is guaranteed that something is going on in this expansive area.

Not pictured here is the Scottish World Games Festival that was going on right in the middle of everything. Who knew?! As proud descendants from the Stewart clan we were 1. utterly amazed, 2. considered crashing the party, and 3. then were too intimidated by the kilts to follow through. Definitely next year Stewarts!


Perhaps the best find this time around was Bailey’s Chocolate bar. In all honestly we hiked to the point of exhaustion the entire day prior in anticipation of this experience. It is a place where dinner portion desserts are served, and not just your generic cookie. It was dessert on steroids

STL4The reality of the sugar we were about to consume set in as well as the guilt. To compensate for both we decided to split a salad to avoid ruining our appetites and self-induced diabetes.

STL5At this point emotions were running high in anticipation for the main event. We decided on a Banana Bread Split Bowl (+cinnamon ice cream+caramel+vanilla+cream) and a Vegan Passion Fruit Tart. This is what heaven looks like.

STL6I know what you’re thinking… that Vegan Blah Blah Cardboard must have been a major disappointment compared to the BB. You will see below that this was clearly not the case.

Pictured here: the raw emotion after just one taste of Vegan Tart.

STL7Any city that can make a Vegan Tart taste that good is okay in my book. Until next time STL!



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