healthy lemon 2014

Riley: Hello! What you are reading on this blog could be about basically anything with a minor health twist. It’s like you check back and surprise…an article about crazy landlords, and the next day…surprise…a tabata workout that will make you cry. Someday I hope to give this bad boy a little more direction, but right now there are just too many things to write about. I am extremely technologically challenged, I don’t bake unless I have to, I love green apples and fig newtons, and I cannot understand Zumba for the life of me.

Life lessons lately: Decide what matters most and get good at them. coconut oil gets out of hand in humid temperatures. Kombucha is in fact a drink and not a form of Japanese sword fighting. Deep fried grits are a serious fallacy to the goodness of all things deep-fried.

I am absolutely crazy about anything fitness. Everyone always says that they have a favorite workout or type of class, but I can truly say that my favorite thing about fitness is having the opportunity to constantly change it up. There is too much out there to pick just one thing anyways :] I am certified in yoga, which I guess you could say is where it all started. I also contribute to Share it Fitness and their blog which you can check out here.

One of the greatest things I have enjoyed since starting this blog is the ability to chat with and interview others with similar passions, forming businesses that are doing fantastic things. A few examples of these amazing encounters can be found here, here & here. I am thrilled to keep encountering, and plan to start recapping some of these experiences here.

Stay tuned.





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